Wok Like A Man

Lyrics 2002 by Terence Chua
(to the tune of "Walk Like A Man" by The Four Seasons)

Mom taught me early
That cooking ain't that girly
Doesn't make you any less a man
(Oo-a Oo-a Oo-a)
My skills are scary
My stir fry's legendary
It's all in the way I twirl my pan

A man ain't un-macho
Just 'cuz he serves gazpacho
As long as it isn't from a can
(Oo-a Oo-a Oo-a)
Come view my kitchen
My demi-glace is bitchin'
One taste and you'll be a raving fan

I'm Grade-A baby
Nothin' fake about my gravy
And I'm thinkin' you're my kind of girl
(Oo-a Oo-a Oo-a)
If you doubt my manhood
Just get me in a good mood
And babe, I'm prepared to wok your world

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