Terrorists Ate My Homework

Music and Lyrics 2001 by Terence Chua
(thanks to Deb Wunder for the idea)
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Teacher, dear teacher
We live in trying times
These days it seems that nowhere's safe
No refuge can we find
The terror's tainted Freedom's shores
Stained it with crimson hues
And that's the reason why my paper's
Two weeks overdue

I'd finished up the last few lines
Before I went to bed
When a big boom rocked my room so loud
I thought it'd wake the dead
The house was then surrounded
By an evil android crew
Who seemed to have a bad opinion
Of my book review

I leaped out of the window
With a blanket parachute
I shot them with my water gun
And karate kicked with boots
I sent the first wave running
And as they flew from sight
That's when the mutant crocodiles
Came crawling out the pipes

Surrounded by those fearsome things
I had no place to flee
But I stopped them with a little trick
I learned from Croc Dundee
I set my terrier on their tails
And when at last I'd won
I looked at around and realized
The real damage they had done

My paper was in ruins
And my notes a mangled mess
The fallout from our battle royal
Was smeared across my desk
All that was left of Moby Dick
Was a single forlorn page
I could do no more but bellow in
A helpless fit of rage


Yes, terrorists ate my homework
Really, would I lie to you?

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