Spaceship Yourself

Lyrics © 2004 by Terence Chua
(to the tune of "Do It Yourself" by Bill Sutton)

I wanted cheap space travel, they said that wouldn't fly
For launching stuff is dicey, that's why the price is high
I wouldn't take that answer, so I chose to build my own
For you can build a spaceship from the things you find at home!

The first thing that I needed for my spaceship was a hull
They only came in grey or white, I found that deadly dull
I got myself some paints to brighten up the color scheme
And now I have it looking like the Mystery Machine!

Now next on my agenda was to find a rocket drive
Strong enough to launch the ship and still keep me alive
I found the right propellant when I scouted out the bars
Six kegs of Old Peculier that will shoot me to the shtars! *hic*

To navigate through space I'd need a decent stellar map
And in the end I found that the solution was a snap
It may be rough and ready but it's certain to impress
I plugged a month of horoscopes into my GPS!

Food supplies were tricky even though I had the beer
I couldn't drink too much or I would get too pissed to steer
I ordered out for curry - some vindaloo, of course
And now I can use methane as a backup fuel source!

So now my spaceship's ready and I'm just about to go
To leave our dear old Mother Earth - I'll really miss her so
You may think that I'm crazy, to fly this pile of junk
I don't need to be crazy - I just need to be drunk!

Yes, you can build a spaceship from the things you find at home!

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