Music and Lyrics 2002 by Terence Chua
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The city nights are busy
The city lights are bright
The city grinds its endless beat
Through endless days and nights
I was born a city boy
But now I've come to dream
Of a life that's like a gently flowing stream

The mountain trails they call me
The open spaces sing
A siren song that draws me here
On soft and silent wings
I've come here seeking refuge
The city's far behind
I guess you could say that Georgia's on my mind

The smell of apple blossoms
Comes rolling on the breeze
Pine needles form small islands
Around the trunks of trees
They say a man could lose himself
I guess that may be true
This place makes me feel there's nothing I can't do

I've been through Louisiana
Down the Mississippi Way
Seen the wilds of Old Virginia and
The sea off Charleston Bay
Its beauty sweeps right through me
And now I understand
Why a man would fight and die to keep this land

So take me to the Southlands
That's where I lost my heart
Amongst the farms and wheat fields
I'll make a brand new start
Away where life is slower
Where I can always find
There is time enough for all things - there is time

Just take me to the Southlands
And that's where I'll make my home

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