Song For A Sister

Music and Lyrics 2001 by Terence Chua
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I used to hide beneath the bed in darkness
With a torchlight all prepared beneath my chin
I'd make you cry then claim that nothing happened
To Mom and Dad when they came rushing in

When you were born I didn't know how to treat you
So I did my best to pretend I didn't care
But I guess it's true how blood's thicker than water
And you somehow saw the love beneath the scare

I pulled off all the limbs of all your Barbies
You drew across my books and made me scream
We fought like Cain and Abel but God help them
If any dared to torture you but me

So despite my efforts we grew up together
And eventually we learned to get along
You had one damn fine ogre for a brother
But in the end you turned out just as strong

Now you're in a city crawling from its wreckage
And its courage will sustain you through the cold
You may be a grown woman on your own now
But you'll still be my kid sister till we're old

If the fates are kind I'll soon be there to see you
But don't worry even if I can't real soon
We've got the rest of both our lives to see together
And the best of years gone by to see us through

Yes you may be a grown woman on your own now
But you're always my kid sister - that's the deal

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