Scheherazade Sits

Lyrics and Music © 2004 by Terence Chua
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Scheherazade sits in her tower of stone
Braiding the twists in her tales
Her prince and beloved departed alone
Leaving her restless and pale
Although there's no audience the stories remain
Because they are all that she knows
So high in her tower of stone
Scheherazade sits

Scheherazade weeps as her eyes roam the plain
Hoping that someday she'll find
Somebody new that will hear her refrain
Before she goes out of her mind
The stories inside her demand their release
But they have nowhere left to go
So trapped by the webs that she weaves
Scheherazade weeps

The knight rides the darkness upon a grey steed
Thinking on battles long past
There's no one to fight for, no one left to need
And final defeat looms at last
His own boon companion has fled from his side
His armor is tarnished and old
So seeking a place to belong
The knight rides the dark


The knight sees a tower of stone on the plains
Hears the soft weeping above
The sound lends him new strength that flows through his veins
He feels like a young man in love
Scheherazade raises her head from her bed
And feels a weight lift from her soul
The two reach for each other's hands
Quixote and she

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