Princess in a Castle

Lyrics and Music © 2003 by Terence Chua
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She sits there in her tower
A maiden under glass
She's waiting for the hour
That her dreams will come to pass
She tries to meet their expectations
Tries on roles and combinations
But nothing feels quite right against her skin

They press her for an answer
They press her for a sign
They court her and romance her
Through the walls she hides behind
She tells them things that will disguise her
Tales that leave them none the wiser
Yet make them think she somehow let them in

Her suitors gather round her
Try to breach the locks in turn
He watches them surround her
And he sees them crash and burn
He sees the same familiar pattern
Knows exactly what will happen
He's dealt with towers like this one before

The only resolution
To the spell that holds her fast
Is a mental revolution
That will free her from her past
The answer that is now denied her
Can be only found inside her
She's simply got to long for something more - than

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