Peter's Price

Lyrics and Music © 2004 by Terence Chua
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If I had a chance to choose it
You know I wouldn't have this life
My dearest friend wouldn't hate me
My dearest love would be my wife
With power comes responsibility
Those were my uncle's final words
And though I might look like I'm flying free
I'm caught between two different worlds

I spin the lines as though I mean them
Caught in a web I never made
They use one breath to call me hero
Then say that I'm the one they hate
I tell myself that nothing's worth this grief
To keep on trying to save the day
But then I hear their cries from off the street
And I just cannot turn away - so

They say that I'm a hound for glory
They say that I'm a hound for fame
They say that I must be a menace
They say that I must be insane
I wish that I could give it all away
Or be as bad as those I fight
I just try to do the best I can
But nothing ever turns out right

And if I tell you that I love you
And said the lines inside my head
And if you said you feel the same way
We both could live that life instead
But life's too short to think what might have been
We got to play the hand we're dealt
And so my love for you remains a dream
No matter what you might have felt - but
(chorus X 2)

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