What's The Big Deal About Harry Potter?

Music and Lyrics 2000 by Terence Chua

When I went to the bookstore I saw a strange sight
A scene that I couldn't have missed
The crowd all looked ready to start up a fight
And man, did their faces look pissed!

They were jostling each other to purchase a book
To be released in that hour
Was it King, say, or Updike, or Crichton? I looked
No, it was just Harry Potter!

I tried out a few chapters just for a lark
It was all right but not really great
I've read better from Pratchett, or Lewis, or Jacques
And Lloyd Alexander's first rate!

I'm just a poor ignorant muggle I fear
Who wouldn't know Quidditch from chess
But the fact that he looks like Tim Hunter is clear
Neil Gaiman should sue Rowling's ass!

Even now I remain just as baffled my sons
As this kid keeps on growing in fame
Along with companions like Hermione and Ron
At least they're pronounceable names!

So don't try to assimilate me in this lot
I'll march to my own different drummer
Even though I think Rowling is really quite hot
Do you think I could have her phone number?

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