Peter's Song (A Song Of The People)

Music and Lyrics 2001 by Terence Chua
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One day I was walking
In the woods when by the by
I looked up at the clouds and wished
That I could touch the sky
I reached my arms to heaven
Let imagination go
And then I found myself above
Looking at the woods below

I didn't know back then that
I was different from the rest
I told my Mother what I did
And she was quite distressed
She said that I must hide my gifts
She said no one must know
Then she sat me down and told me
Of our People long ago

The Crossing brought them all to Earth
Across the lonely dark
The life-slips scattered down like seeds
And kept them far apart
They hid themselves in case the
Humans viewed them as a threat
She cried herself to sleep each night
And tried hard to forget

My Mother met my Father
He gave shelter from her grief
She told him all - he understood
And what was more, believed
She had me first, then Bethie next
But when my Father died
She knew that soon the Power in us
Could no longer be denied

When Mother died I took my sister
And we left our town
She'd shown us both a vision where
The People might be found
But what would we discover
What would they, the People, say?
Would they take us half-breeds in
Or turn us both away?

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