Here's To The Heroes

Music and Lyrics 2001 by Terence Chua
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His eyes were bright, his hair was blond, a handsome upright lad
He looked up to the stars and wished he could be like his Dad
He stowed aboard a rocket heading out to outer space
But he forgot to factor fuel so he vanished without trace

The soldier came upon a number of the enemy
While armed only with a pistol and the spirit of the free
He steeled himself and leaped out, his finger clicking fast
But he soon ran out of ammo, so that first leap was his last

You only hear the songs of those who win despite the odds
But for every one of those there's one of these pathetic sods
Who think that all that's needed is their quick and fancy skill
But soon find out a speeding bullet's even quicker still

His flying was unorthodox, his ship a battered mess
He figured he could run rings round the Evil Empire's nest
By every law of literature he knew he wouldn't fail
The laws of better firepower told a different tale

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