A Time For Healing

Music and Lyrics 2001 by Terence Chua
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Close your eyes
Dry your tears
It's time to count the cost of
All your fears
You knew that this had to happen
Sooner if not later

Now they're gone
No more words
Nothing left to be
Said or heard
Sit very still and just listen
As the silence gathers

Rest a while
Won't be long
Whatever doesn't kill you
Makes you strong
Pick up the small broken pieces
Even though they're scattered

Steel yourself
Bar the door
It never rains but, damn,
It sure does pour
Take all the time that you need
It'll soon be better

When you're done
We'll still be here
Family's not going
When you come out once again
Open up to your friends
Knowing that never ends

We'll dance this dance together

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