The Song That Cannot Be Named

Lyrics 2000 Terence Chua
(to the tune of "Money Money Money" by ABBA)

You work all day you work all night
To forget that name with all your might
It's too late
The King in Yellow's on your track
He won't give up he won't turn back
Face your fate

In your dreams, he haunts you still
Reality is bending to his will
You said his name - he's got your soul
And now it's time to pay the toll

You should have listened should have tried
But this Old One won't be denied
You're out of luck
Your world is twisting like a snake
There's just so much your mind can take
I guess you're... screwed (ahem)

It's time to leave the world you know
Do not collect your cash, do not pass go
In strange Carcosa 'neath the skies
He waits for you with Hungry Eyes
(chorus X2)

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