The Ghoul Song

Lyrics 1999 by Terence Chua
(to the tune of "The Jet Song" by Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Sondheim - from "West Side Story")

When you're a ghoul you're a ghoul all the way
From the dawn of the dead till the end of the day
When you're a ghoul you will dance you will sing
You'll have excellent taste (Thigh's too fat - try a wing)

When you're a ghoul you'll be fleet on your feet
And each guy passing by's just a big hunk of meat
Every body - on that - ever - bloody - street!

When you're a ghoul there's a whole lot to gain
You're the creme de la creme - you're the top of the chain
When you're a ghoul all the world is your plate
And you always will have a confirmed dinner date

Once you're a ghoul then your future is sealed
Every grown up's for food - and the children are veal
Every kiddy's - gonna - be a - Happy - Meal!

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