The Rest Of Forever

Music and Lyrics 1996, 1999 Terence Chua
first performed September 3, 1999 during AussieCon 3, Melbourne
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When the night comes and the shadows gather
I'll hold you close, I'll hold you tight
Through the clear skies, through stormy weather
Through the darkness, through the light
But don't you worry, it doesn't matter
What they tell me or what they do
I intend to spend together
The rest of forever here with you

Years ago, when I was younger
I used to dream of a love so strong
Hearts would crash with a sound of thunder
It never happened - it all went wrong
But then you came just like a vision
Made the bad times all go away
And now I pray you'll give permission
For the rest of forever to let me stay

I was dead until I met you
Then I finally came alive
You showed me hope, you showed me freedom
And the chains just broke inside
I wake up gently with you beside me
I go to sleep whisp'ring your name
So I'll proclaim if you will let me
The rest of forever to do the same

The rest of forever, to see you through
The rest of forever, I'll love you

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