Fanboy Soul

Music and Lyrics 2000 by Terence Chua
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I'm just an aged fanboy from a faraway land
Never went to any cons till now, don't know these big name fen
I have never talked to authors I have read for all my life
Even though I've just turned thirty and divorced my first wife

I've got a decent paying job and responsibilities
But inside me's still the little kid that trembles at the knees
Meeting Bova or Greg Benford, or Forrest J Ackerman
Harlan Ellison would send me straight into la-la land

So I move among the famous trying hard just not to stare
Even asking for their handshakes is a task that I don't dare
I would stutter and I'd stammer and they'd think I was a jerk
Best to walk by nonchalantly and then double back and lurk

Now I've talked to some of my heroes and it really was a treat
They're impressed I've come from faraway, they say it's kind of neat
But although I'll never really lose that child-like sense of awe
What the heck, it doesn't matter, this is just what fandom's for!

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