Once We Were Eagles

Music and Lyrics 2000 by Terence Chua
Live at Worldcon MP3 (approx 4.9 MB)

Once we were voyagers roaming the darkness
Starstuff that pondered the stars
Once we were brave pioneers reaching outwards
Breaking the bounds of this small world of ours

We sent our messages locked up in bottles
While captives of Earth's gravity
And we longed to place footsteps on planets uncounted
To play on the shores of those alien seas

The world held its breath when that first step was taken
But soon, far too soon, looked away
There were greater concerns first to deal with they told us
And trapping ourselves was the price that we paid

Too long have we tarried in terrestrial fetters
Too long have we waited, it seems
No longer must we turn our faces from heaven
No longer can we turn away from our dreams

Why can't we do that again?

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