Walk Like A Deep One

Lyrics 1999 by Terence Chua
(to the tune of "Walk Like An Egyptian" by The Bangles)
Live at Worldcon MP3 (approx 4.1 MB)

There's a little town they call Innsmouth
You'll never find it on any map
If you feel there's something calling you
To visit it - don't go it's a trap

All the people wand'ring round the streets
They smell of fish and they're walking odd
You can hear them cry (Y'ha-nthlei!)
They're worshipping old and alien gods

The blonde waitresses all wear wigs
To cover the transformation
They've got their gills (Y'ha-nthlei!)
Old Zadok has information

Talk to him and gather some more clues
To answer the questions that you face
Pretty soon you'll find out why
The end is coming for all the human race

Do frog jumps up the street into the dawn
Swim out there and you'll start to spawn
Breathing through your gills (Y'ha-nthlei!)
So strike a pose in the garden pond

If you want to find your ancestors
They're living out underneath the sea
They sing and dance (Y'ha-nthlei!)
Immortal they play all fancy free

All the people bring their Innsmouth gold
In tribute to all the Great Old Ones
And you know by now (Y'ha-nthlei!)
Just how to walk like a De-ep One