A Companions' Christmas

Music and Lyrics 2000 by Terence Chua
(inspired by the poem "The Companions' Holiday" by Anonymous)
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Sarah Jane sets the table
While Dodo pours out the wine
Ben and Polly are trimming the tree
As Ian and Barbara arrive
This isn't just another Christmas Eve
Or another round of Yuletide cheer
Tonight the Companions will gather
To remember the ones who aren't here

Liz has come down from Cambridge
Harry's flown in from France
Jo and Cliff were in the Amazon Reaches
But they knew they couldn't miss this chance
Tegan's made it here from Brisbane town
Victoria from her Shropshire estate
Yates and Benton were early
You know the Brig would never let them be late

They settle down at the table
Nothing the empty chairs
They've been set up in silent memorial
Remembering those not there
One by one the Companions they say
A prayer for those scattered through time
Their names are whispered in honour
Those lost and those who did not survive

The rest remember the good times
The jaunts through time and space
They remember the adventures so grand
They remember the thrill of the chase
The sight of Daleks climbing up the stairs
Or a Cyberman from just round the bend
The fiendish schemes that were thwarted
By a Doctor with some help from his friends

As the evening is ending
A final wish made with care
For You-Know-Who, wherever he is
And the ones who are with him out there
But then the clock starts chiming thirteen
A strange echo's heard down the hall
Accompanied by a box-like shape
Whose lines are familiar to all

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