Mr Clone Jango

Lyrics 2002 by Terence Chua
(to the tune of "Mr Bojangles" by Jerry Jeff Walker)

I knew a man called Jango
And he'd kill for cash
He liked it too
With Mandalorian armor
And a missile pack
He'd give the old one-two

I met him on Kamino
It rained all the time
Man, it was wet
And they were growing all
These trooper clones
A matching set

So they were all Clone Jangos
And I knew at once
That we'd been had
He said this guy Tyrannus
Had commissioned him
It was looking bad

He leapt around on rocket flames
And tried his best
To give me hell
I used my saber to
Deflect his blasts
But I slipped and fell

I saw him one more time
That was on Geonosis
When the Army attacked
He fought with Windu
And he met his end
Got his head detached

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