Music and Lyrics 2002 by Terence Chua
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You show up in silence
Stranger at the door
But I could swear I've met you
Some time, some place before
A new face perhaps but
You play an old part
Another cruel trap that love has laid
For my heart

So I take your hand up
Lead you in the dance
Familiar words are spoken
Another "one more chance"
Maybe we'll get it right
Live happily ever more
And maybe all the nights won't be as cold
Anymore - but

An unending cycle
A river of time
That brings old souls together
To repeat the same old crimes
Paying old sins
'Til there's nothing to lend
And God only knows who wins this game
In the end

I'm too tired now
To resist any more
Just take my love, just take my life
I don't care anymore
There's nothing to give
I've nowhere to hide
Can't pretend I'm living when I feel
Dead inside

Of butterflies...

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