When I Was A Boy *Sob*

Lyrics 2001 by Terence Chua, Margaret Middleton and Ron Koolman
(to the tune of "When I Was A Boy" by Frank Hayes)

When I was a boy one fine summer
I had an infection you know
My throat was both swollen and painful
With a fever so high I could glow
The doctor said, "Son let's just cut it,
"We'll cure all the swelling and stress."
And I went to the hospital nervous
Never thinking I'd leave in a dress

When I was a boy down in pre-op
It all seemed quite normal, you see
For I thought they'd be yanking my tonsils
Or so they'd explained it to me
Who knew that they'd mix up my papers
And send me three rooms down the hall
Where another procedure was prepping
And the surgeons would soon have a ball

(or two...)

When I was a boy I remember
My voice was a bass baritone
And now I'm just singing soprano
And no more will I have a bone
So I'll carry my balls in a bucket
And show it around to the lads
And tell them the terrible story
Of how they just snipped off my 'nads

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