Notes On "Banned From Arkham"

"Banned From Argo" is one of the classic Leslie Fish filk songs. The story goes that Leslie wrote it as a bit of filler - a bawdy drinking song about the crew of the starship Enterprise and their escapades, sexual and otherwise, that get them banned from the port of Argo. The song was immensely popular, until people got thoroughly sick of it. Leslie herself has refused to perform it, and it's gotten to the point where most filkers don't even want to sing it - even to newbies who, of course, are dying to hear it sung. In fact, asking for a performance of "Argo" is tantamount to declaring your newbie status.

When I first got initiated into the filk scene during AussieCon 3 (WorldCon 57) in Melbourne, 1999, of course I wanted to know how to sing "Argo". Thankfully, since Leslie wasn't there to physically restrain anyone from singing it, a few kind souls deigned to sing the song for my benefit. Armed with that tune in my head, when I got back to Singapore, the song you see before you seemed a complete natural.

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